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"Melodically driven tunes that are sung with the voice of Ruprecht’s golden voiced guitar. Released in 2008, At The End Of The Day is Art's first solo album. This thirteen track album includes funky, contemporary jazz guitar music with Latin influence."

David Gregory, 

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"At The End Of The Day" by Art Ruprecht is an impressive guitar-driven contemporary jazz album brought to you by an accomplished guitarist. Art's style is a nice blend derived from several different genres. You'll notice right off the bat that the album is a bit on the funky side and there is also a Latin influence present throughout. Aside from being a great player, Art writes great arrangements. The songs are all well layered, have direction and all emit a pleasant feeling. The production quality is excellent and the songs are ready for airwaves. Highlights include the opener "Big Talker," which funks it up right out of the gates with a quirky arrangement and a big beat. "Bear-hug" is as smooth as silk, with a "floating on air" feel and great guitar solos. "Eternal Life" wraps things up nicely with a definite sense of closure and a really nice piano progression. If you enjoy jazz guitar greats such as George Benson, you’ll enjoy Art and this tremendous CD.
-William and the Reviewer Team

"With memorable melodies and danceable grooves, Art Ruprecht delivers a respectable CD of smooth jazz and easy listening funk entitled At the End of the Day. A former fiddler, mandolinist and banjo picker, Ruprecht got his fingers up to speed on these instruments and then switched to guitar and eased into the jazz scene. At the End of the Day is filled with melodically driven tunes that are sung with the voice of Ruprecht’s golden voiced guitar.

Ruprecht has nimble fingers but never seems to be playing too many notes. His melodies are memorable and very groovy and he is right in the pocket with all of his improvisations. While the songs on this CD are played mostly on electric guitar, Ruprecht switches off and brings in a nylon acoustic in on a few tracks including the title track. Most of the tunes are songs you might hear on the right end of the radio dial, but a few, like "Bear Hug" and "Trinity" mix it up with nifty jazz waltz feels and allusions to disco-dance grooves.

At the End of the Day is a definitely a CD worth getting for those that are jazz guitar aficionados and those who are into the George Benson approach to smooth jazz. Ruprecht’s playing is superb, and his arrangements just make the guitar melodies float easily on top. This is definitely a CD worth buying and then playing more than a few times."    
David Gregory,

"Smooth and elegant...eternal in value.  Every guitar player should have this CD!"
John Kasica, Principal percussionist, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


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